More caravans in East Devon’s AONB?

5 Sep

Remember  Sunday stroll past AONB , SIN post on  24 Feb 2013?

What’s happened at Ladram Bay  and at  Devon Cliffs…. may now be about to marr the landscape at  Dunscombe Manor Caravan Park at Salcombe Regis.   Details as follows:


The proposal seeks planning consent to change of the use of an agricultural field to accommodate up to 11 static caravans at Dunscombe Manor Caravan Park. This is an established business that has continued for many years. Theapplications site is situated within a sensitive AONB landscape with views possible from the World Heritage Site along the coast line, which features also apublic footpath. On balance it is considered that the proposed development, when viewed in the context of the existing caravan park and the boundaryscreening in place, would have an acceptable visual impact on the landscape. Mitigation measures to aid assimilation of the development, such as controlling the colour of the caravans and landscaping schemes, are suggested in order to prevent visual harm. The proposal would help support a prosperous rural economy by increasing tourism to the area which could maintain local employment. The proposal can also be accommodated without harm to wildlife or harm to surrounding properties. Therefore a recommendation of approval is made. As this recommendation conflicts with the requirement of local plan saved policy T04, as it would extend the caravan site within an AONB, the proposal would constitute a departure from the local plan and is therefore referred to members of the Development Management Committee.

SIN hears that Ward Member Chris Wale is strongly in favour. Voters may like to contact him ( and his fellow other councillors) with their own views.


2 Responses to “More caravans in East Devon’s AONB?”

  1. stoneleighblogger September 5, 2013 at 4:05 pm #

    I walked through Dunscombe manor the other day. It seems a lot of their current caravans are empty, and unoccupied. A large sign at the ‘donkey sanctuary’ roundabout announces the fact … ‘static caravans for sale’. I am surprised they want more, when they cannot fill the ones they have.

  2. Media Mandy September 6, 2013 at 12:46 pm #

    fascinating: especially when on another part of the agenda officers are recommending that a long-disused piggery should not be allowed to be turned into holiday accommodation!

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