Vision Group for Sidmouth: “Sustainable Development” – meet councillors and officers to hear EDDC’s views

16 Sep

Arranged by the Vision Group for Sidmouth

24th September 2013, 3.15 pm – upstairs at the Anchor Inn, Old Fore St, Sidmouth

Futures Forum meets with District Council to consider ‘sustainable development’

Following on from the Vision Group’s successful AGM in July, the Futures Forum will be holding a session next month with speakers who have had direct responsibility for drawing up the EDDC’s own policy on sustainable development.

We are very pleased to have Cllr Mike Allen, the former chair of the Local Plan Panel, and Matt Dickins, chief planning officer at Knowle, address the Forum – highlighting both their own contribution to the sustainability threads of the Local Plan and the ‘bigger picture’ of how the notion of sustainable development informs the District Council’s longer-term planning.

The Forum will offer members of the public the opportunity to engage with Councillors and Officers on this issue at the heart of local government – as we all want to ensure a positive and sustainable future for the Valley and beyond.

Also in attendance will be Paul Hawkins, the new area manager for the cycling body Sustrans, who will be able to update the meeting about feasibility studies for the Feniton to Sidmouth cycle track – a good example of sustainable development on the ground.

And there will also be representatives from East Devon’s Transition Towns present: these groups are local, voluntary bodies looking to establish projects which show sustainable development in action.

The Vision Group in fact also works under the name of ‘Sustainable Sidmouth’ – with its monthly Community Market, its very active energy group SVEAG and its involvement in other grass-roots projects.

So do come along. This is an open meeting – open to all and open to all questions.

It will be held upstairs at the Anchor Inn on Fore St in Sidmouth – on Tuesday 24th September, starting 3.15pm and finishing about 5.15pm with a break for tea.

Entry is free


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