What DO they know? And why are they not telling us?

28 Sep

A perusal of the whatdotheyknow website on which people can register their Freedom of information requests makes interesting reading for those queries unanswered for a VERY long time or refused.

Taking only the most recent three pages and only from July 2013:

A request on WEEE recycling made on 8 July – still awaiting classification

Calculation of cost of officer time from 20 May 2013 still awaiting clarification

List of community assets – long overdue.

Unredacted Minutes and Reports of Relocation Working Parties – refused.

Roles of officers in Relocation and Knowle OPA – long overdue (15 May 2013)

When has councillor Graham Brown declared an interest – refused.

Councillor Graham Brown correspondence – refused.

Bowling Centre Exmouth – refused.

Voting Records – refused.

Adopted assets of Exmouth Urban District Council – awaiting internal review since 6 March 2013

Employment Land at Pound Lane Exmouth – awaiting classification.

Exmouth Masterplann – long overdue and awaiting internal review.

Graham Brown – awaiting internal review

Now, it may be that bureaucratic mess has meant that some of these have been answered but have not made it into the system.  But equally this may be an accurate assessment of the situation.

Seems like a job for an EDDC officer to sort out – it gives the council a bad name if people access the whatdotheyknow site and see this sort of outstanding queries.

And those refused tell their own stories.





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