EDDC refuses request to publish Knowle move working party minutes and reports

8 Oct

See here


So, Mr Diviani, Mr Twiss and pals have decided that WE the public, who own Knowle AND the Heathpark site should know NOTHING about they came to their decision about vacating Knowle and nothing about how much this has cost and what reports commissioned with OUR money say.

The planning application to redevelop Knowle failed and no new planning application has yet been made.  There is therefore no commercially sensitive information about the former move project – it is simply historical information of a project that is now dead in the water (though no doubt talks with a developer or developers are taking place again in regard to a new application).

So, why are we being denied this information?  Because the people who have been holding the secret meetings have decided it is not in OUR interest to know what is going on.


Do you agree with this?



One Response to “EDDC refuses request to publish Knowle move working party minutes and reports”

  1. tim October 9, 2013 at 11:20 am #

    May I remind Cllr Diviani of some of his words when he was elected as Leader of EDDC.

    “The cynical view of the last Government – decide, consult, do it all anyway – is not my approach”.

    Now try to reconcile that with his plans for the Knowle. Who slipped the ‘not’ in to his speach?

    There is more at http://www.exmouthpeople.co.uk/change-EDDC-elects-new-leader-team-ndash/story-12125598-detail/story.html

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