So what is stopping the EDBF TAFF now?

13 Oct

EDBF, and its successor, has disbanded citing problems arising from its Chairman’s fall from grace.  (These are the people who had his conflicts of interest brought to their notice by the then chairman of EDDC, Ms Randall-Johnson and then confirmed his continuation in the post as far back as 2009).  So, one of the reasons given for postponement has gone (that the TAFF was waiting to see what would happen).

The reason that it was awaiting the outcome of possible police action does not stand up: until any charges are laid the matter is NOT sub-judice.

The final reason – to ensure the Local Plan was not held up – now no longer stands.

Where does it go from here?  Hmmm – bet there is some frantic scrabbling going on in the back offices!

One Response to “So what is stopping the EDBF TAFF now?”

  1. Tim October 14, 2013 at 8:41 am #

    Let us not forget that the South West Audit Partnership (SWAP) auditor has investigated an aspect of council’s systems and whether they are robust enough to deal with conflicts of interest, an audit prompted by Brown’s exposure, and that they have reported back to council with their findings
    Further, council have accepted that the SWAP report should be made public.
    That the council requested such an investigation further discredits the position of the same council namely there stance that no investigations can take place until the police investigation has been resolved.
    It is of concern that council should suggest sub-judice rules apply, if their lawyers haven’t told them they are wrong they should do so now. Further procrastination serves only to discredit the council- and the decent majority there who deserve better leadership and support..

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