Vote for your Community Councillor of the Year 2013

15 Oct

LGIU Community Councillor of the Year

Community involvement is essential to ensuring that the council takes the right decisions for the benefit of communities. Effective councils will have many mechanisms set up to inform, consult and involve local people in the business of the council.

Elected members have a vital role in this, as the locally elected representative that sits between councils and communities. The community champion of the year will have worked tirelessly to engage, involve and consult the community; someone who has got to the grass roots of communities, made strides to really understand their priorities and campaigned on issues that matter to them.

The councillor who wins this category will demonstrate:

  • they have championed a cause (or several) on behalf of the community, leading to positive change for the local area
  • visible efforts to engage communities and individuals in decisions about their local area, leading to better decisions for local people
  • an understanding of the different views of communities within their area and that they effectively facilitate discussion and representation of these views to the council
  • strong relationships with community activists and community groups

Find out how to nominate a councillor for the Community Champion of the Year award here.

See past winners of this award here.


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