Killing the goose that lays the golden eggs?

19 Oct


From a local correspondent:

Dear all,
Have you perused the Deputy CEO’s presentation entitled: “Knowing East Devon’s Communities”?
In it there are a couple of gems:
> East Devon has a higher proportion than the national average of people who are self employed and those retired.
> The most common occupation is ‘skilled trades’ at 15.3% (nationally 11.5%).
> The proportion of caring, leisure and other service occupations has increased from 8.9% to 10.7%.
> The top three industries employing the highest proportion of the population in East Devon is,
– Wholesale and retail at 16.3% (9,766),
– Health and social work at 13.7% (8,228)
– Education at 9.4% (5,613).
> The average weekly pay for those living in East Devon is £471.60 below the national average of £499.30.
> Data for 2008 shows the financial contribution of visitors to the economy of East Devon
– £131,888,000 spend by staying visitors;
– £110,191,000 spend by day visitors;
– £2,235,000 other tourism related spend;
– 7,186 jobs related to tourism spending;
• Although visitor numbers to East Devon has declined from 2001 to 2008
> In its nationally recognised research with the Municipal Journal, Research Consultancy Local Futures scored East Devon top of all 325 districts in its Quality of life score
The implications I can glean are that EDDC should be supporting
> small businesses and not the few big boys.
> town centre shopping and not retail parks
> investment in jobs other than minimum-wage employment in warehouses etc.
> tourism, which is not dying in East Devon.
The last point being that we should not be killing the golden goose.


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