EDDC Conservative councillors have collective amnesia about £4.8m loan

25 Oct




I raised the issue under the forward plan once again at last night’s overview and scrutiny meeting and asked that the office move be brought forward for scrutiny next month instead. I highlighted the question of Barry Sangster at Wednesday night’s full council meeting re the £4.8m loan, and said it was a scheme of significant financial risk that needed urgent examination.

But several conservative councillors said that there was no truth in the statement relating to an £4.8m loan.


Now that IS strange as what follows is taken verbatim from EDDC Cabinet Papers:


Agenda of Cabinet Meeting of 4 September 2013

page 11

Minutes of Cabinet Meeting of 17 July 2013

EDDC Office Relocation Key Decisions

The option to move would use capital receipts from the sale of the Knowle and, if required, prudential borrowing up to a maximum of £4.8M (the calculated savings on running costs over the 20 years following the move).



2 Responses to “EDDC Conservative councillors have collective amnesia about £4.8m loan”

  1. stoneleighblogger October 25, 2013 at 10:21 pm #

    So they are brazen liars…right ?

  2. Media Mandy October 25, 2013 at 11:35 pm #

    In the words of the famous Frances Urqhuart: I couldn’t possibly comment! It does beg the question: if they can’t recall something as fundamental as this about their move are they fit to do the project at all?

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