As transparent as a brick wall

28 Oct

Remember our frequent postings about our Leader and his cronies lack of transparency.  Yet again decisions about relocation are being discussed behind closed doors (see Dates for your Diary above).

This is what happens in an officer/executive led council – an attitude that no-one else matters and all decisions must be secret ones.

Perhaps we must start campaigning to go back to a committee-led council, where decisions have to be made in public.

Something has to change if our voices are to be heard – this is not what most of us voted for.

Or perhaps a directly-elected Mayor.  We can think of a couple of good candidates.

One Response to “As transparent as a brick wall”

  1. Tim October 28, 2013 at 8:42 pm #

    Does he remember his appointment speech in 2011? Obviously not but here is some of it again in case he would like to be reminded of his promises, of openness and transparency, before the closed session on Wednesday..
    Interesting that buddy Brown got the boot at that time though.

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