Why has the EDDC Audit and Governance Committee been postponed for a week?

5 Nov

Hopefully not so that the external auditor’s report into “governance” in the wake of the Graham Brown scandal can be edited and redacted?  Could you imagine it:  a report on how proper a council is being improperly tinkered with?  No, no, no – it won’t happen ………  EDDC has given an undertaking that it will be published IN FULL HERE

This is the entry from the blog of Independent Councillor Claire Wright written on 24 October 2013:

A paper by EDDC’s auditors cataloguing their views on the robustness of governance procedures relating to declarations of interest on former councillor, Graham Brown, will not be released until next month.

Cllr Roger Giles, at last night’s full EDDC council meeting, called the minute and moved an amendment that the paper should be published immediately.  But a senior officer said that the minute was starred, which meant that amendments were no permitted. Cllr Giles asked why that minute was starred. The senior officer replied that it was starred because the decision was within the remit of the committee. This was in line with the constitution, the officer added.

A freedom of information request submitted last month from an Exmouth resident asking for the report to be published was also dismissed by EDDC.

The next audit and governance meeting is on Thursday 7 November [note: now postponed by one week] , so the agenda papers should be published shortly.

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