More planning discontent in Budleigh Salterton

6 Nov

From correspondents in Budleigh Salterton:

An important Conservation Area  and ultimately the AONB status of Budleigh Salterton is under threat.

EDDC’s Planning Officer has recommended approval for a one –floor, 4-bedroomed house with a metal and sedum roof in the garden of a house situated in the middle of a row of late Regency houses. 15 villas were built by a single builder between the late 1840s and early 1850s with houses for fishermen at the bottom of the hill and slightly grander houses at the top.  The whole row of houses was Grade 3 listed under the previous listing of historic houses. This was lost when the grade was abolished in 1970. This is exactly the sort of heritage asset which should be recognised in a list of local heritage assets but EDDC has no list of local heritage assets as government policy dictates.

The lower side of Victoria Terrace was built by a local builder at the beginning of the 20c to house his workforce. This   conservation area is therefore unique in Budleigh Salterton in that it comprises houses built for the artisans of the town. Houses in other conservation areas of the town are of larger villas with large gardens, built much later.  A complete contrast to this area.

To add insult to injury the Conservation Officer dates the house involved as late 19 c. (the first conveyance document is 1851) This misrepresentation continues in the Planning Officer’s Report, even though a comment was sent correcting this. The date is important as there are very few houses  in the town built in the 1850s but many in the 1890s i.e.1850 represents the beginning of Budleigh Salterton as a town, with only a few houses older than this.

 National and local policies are in place to protect area such as this and we must remember that the Planning Inspector’s feedback on the EDDC draft local plan included the criticism that not enough attention was placed on local assets, in particular heritage assets. The Design and Access Statement states that the prospe  ctive house is a deliberate departure acting as a COUNTERPOINT to the characteristics of the existing buildings. There is no integration into the natural, built and historic NPPF. The proposed brutalistic design is totally inappropriate to its location and not in keeping with the Regency houses on  this side of the road. A  fine curved wall at the front will be demolished. The character of the conservation area will be destroyed.   

The Planning Officer’s Report acknowledges that gradual loss of sites such as this might lead to an erosion of landscape character but in this instance considers that the AONB would not be harmed by this proposal. It is difficult also to see how this application would conserve and enhance the quality of the AONB (Policy EN1).

Budleigh Salterton has already seen losses of this kind elsewhere within its Conservation Area, and many other local people are worried that the town may lose its AONB designation.


3 Responses to “More planning discontent in Budleigh Salterton”

  1. Rob Humphrey November 6, 2013 at 7:20 pm #

    I saw a brutalist architecture in the flats at the top of the road leading to Lime Kiln car park. It has its place – bring it on… BUT ensuring contextual resonance with existing thematic approaches.

  2. Tim November 6, 2013 at 9:16 pm #

    A big problem in East Devon is that as soon as an exception is made, it becomes a precedent and used to justify anything that follows. Consider the Exmouth RNLI station, accepted because of a case of need and public safety, now the justification for anything on the seafront.

  3. Mary Walden-Till November 7, 2013 at 11:35 pm #

    I wish I had known about this earlier when we could have challenged it better.

    Perhaps we need people to ‘spread the word’ when idiotic things like this are proposed.

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