We dare, Diviani

6 Nov

….That was the title given to a letter published in last week’s Sidmouth Herald (1st November), from a member of the East Devon Alliance. For those who missed it, it’s copied here with the sender’s permission:


 The Council Leader and  his Critics

Cllr Paul Diviani leads a large, loyal, and obedient Majority on EDDC but is surprisingly sensitive to criticism from community groups and independent councillors who ‘dare’ to question his policies.

As the Herald reported on 25 October, (‘SOS Group outrage at Cllr Diviani’), in an email sent to 100 people, he lashed out at Save our Sidmouth (SOS), East Devon Alliance (EDA)  and Cllr Claire Wright who have all criticised his multi-million pound project to relocate EDDC headquarters to Honiton.

Among other insults, he claimed EDA and SOS made “no positive contribution to the debate”, and said they were politically motivated.

He has obviously forgotten that it was SOS experts who corrected the false figures produced by EDDC in their shambolic planning application to build on Knowle. Only with SOS help, and after four attempts, did EDDC finally get right the number of jobs that would be lost if their offices were relocated.

Cllr Diviani also seems unaware that during the County Council elections in May, candidates from Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat, UKIP, Green parties and Independents all endorsed the EDA Charter. They obviously didn’t see EDA’s aims, for example, to ‘maintain an appropriate balance between necessary economic development and the safeguarding of our unique environment and heritage’, as ‘party-political’!

His personal attack on Cllr Wright, accusing her of being a ‘self-publicist’ and misinforming the public, is especially surprising.  Is he familiar with  the Councillors’ Code of Conduct that requires him to ‘show respect’ to fellow representatives?

It may also have slipped his mind that, in the May elections, Cllr Wright received more votes than any other candidate in the county.


Tony Green,

Member of the East Devon Alliance


2 Responses to “We dare, Diviani”

  1. Jo Frith November 7, 2013 at 9:48 am #

    the link doesn’t seem to go anywhere

    • sidmouthsid November 7, 2013 at 7:29 pm #

      Thanks for spotting technical hitch, Jo. Letter copied in full now.

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