Large businesses mean large problems when they come under stress

11 Nov

We hear today of another 500 job losses at Flybe, some of which will no doubt be in our area.  Not so long ago Sainsbury’s pulled out of  building a large depot near Cranbrook.  Other big businesses have tumbled in the south-west, particularly in Plymouth and Cornwall.

The fallen EDBF kept telling us (and EDDC faithfully sang in chorus) that our future lies with big business.  Statistics show us that small and medium-size businesses (including those in tourism) are our life blood.

When will we see EDDC giving the support to our small and medium-size businesses (including those in tourism) to the same extent that they supported their big business friends, most if not all of whom are currently taking advantage of the development loophole that having no Local Plan and no 5 year land supply have handed to them?

4 Responses to “Large businesses mean large problems when they come under stress”

  1. Rob Duncan (power to the people) November 11, 2013 at 7:27 pm #

    Yes. I understand that Devon Clinton Estates (from their website) has c 70 direct employees and their many business premises enable around 2,000 jobs across Devon. The sooner they are broken up and the small businesses can own their own property the better. Then the risk is reduced hugely. Small is not just beautiful it is sustainable.

  2. Not A Developer November 12, 2013 at 9:11 am #

    “Big” business is not just about how many staff you have. Clinton Devon owns a huge number of office buildings, industrial units and, for all I know, houses, all over the South West (and possibly further afield) as well as massive amounts of land. This makes it a very “big” business where many people are affected by it if it suffers problems, as it did a few years ago..

  3. Media Mandy November 12, 2013 at 9:13 am #

    Has anyone been able to find out how many of EDBF’s members have had planning applications which are against the Local Plan agreed by our council or which are currently being considered by our council? Should that be one of the things that the TAFF investigates?

  4. Paul Hayward November 13, 2013 at 8:26 am #

    In light of recent posts regarding SME’s and their contribution to the Devon economy, could I possibly ask SIN to publicise SmallBizSat on December 7th which aims to promote small businesses around the UK. Most East Devon chambers of commerce are getting on board ( def. Axminster ) and we are trying to convince East Devon DC that free parking across the district on that day would generate tremendous goodwill, and financial benefit for all local retailers, businesses etc.

    Many, many councils across the UK have seen the light already and are waiving all parking charges for the ENTIRE day and it would be great if SIN / SOS could use its network to diseminate the news about SBS so that all our town and villages benefit from a swell in sales. Plus it would be great to see every town centre full and throbbing with activity after 12 noon with tills ringing, coffee cups clinking & people chatting.

    Your readers can search for information on Twitter, Facebook, Google or contact their local chamber of commerce / town clerks. Shops and businesses are being asked to display window posters, decals, counter stands, stickers – whatever – to promote the day and help bring vibrancy and activity back into our town centres. I have emailed the economy portfolio holder at EDDC and I am sure they will do everything possible to promote something that will help our local economies. Many Thanks. Paul

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