Office relocation: straight from the horses’ mouths

11 Nov

HERE is a link to the most recent Overview and Scrutiny Committee audio tape of its meeting from the EDDC website.  They are discussing Agenda Item 12:  Office Relocation and very interesting it is too, or at least it would be if people spoke more clearly and remembered to turn their microphones on.  Some really interesting views and some collective amnesia reported in earlier posts regarding the £4.8 million loan required.

One Response to “Office relocation: straight from the horses’ mouths”

  1. Axegrinder November 11, 2013 at 6:10 pm #

    Thanks, Sid, for posting the audio link to this debate.

    How odd. Cllr Bloxham does indeed state with nary a doubt that no money is to be borrowed to move from the Knowle, and seems rather put out that anyone dare suggest that it will be.

    The thing is, as an attendee at the Flybe Briefing session I was told by Richard Cohen, as was the room, that something over £4 million would be need to be borrowed to get the project done, and this was the subject of some healthy questioning. It was even on the ghastly powerpoint piffle.

    Most oddly, Cllr Tom (“Evening, All”) Wright, who was a muscular presence at the Flybe event, followed Cllr Bloxham’s speech at EDDC and did not bother to correct him, while moaning about Claire Wright’s very widely held comments about too much secrecy.

    It doesn’t give one much confidence if neither man understands the basic arithmetic.

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