A Green Wedge

12 Nov

An Eastern Area correspondent reports:

East Devon’s Development Management Committee has voted to turn down a second application to build in the Green Wedge between Colyford and Seaton. The second application had a few minor adjustments from the June application which was also turned down. Once again, a fine roster of speakers from the campaign against left the councillors with little option.
Now it’s over to the Inspector who is running a four day hearing in Colyford from December 10th when the applicant appeals the first refusal. Local campaigners have won the right to be a third party in the proceedings. The details of the application can be found at 12/1185/MOUT
Two puzzlers. a) Why did the Planning Department recommend the second application for approval (as they had the first)? b) And why did DMC Chairman Helen Parr again refuse to vote to defend her own Colyford ward on the grounds that her husband, Colyton PC Chairman Andrew Parr, had already spoken against. Does this mean that every time she wants to sit on the fence as long as she holds this position all it takes is for him to turn up and speak?

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