A Budleigh Salterton resident writes …

14 Nov

Please note these are the views of the individual concerned and are posted as such, comments accepted:

An update to the application to build a one story modern building with a tin and sedum roof in the garden of an 1850’s house at the top of Victoria Place. 

Even though the site lies within the Conservation Area, it was approved on Tuesday 12th November by EDDC’s Development Management Committee (DMC).    

Cllrs Tom Wright and Steve Hall both spoke eloquently against approval.   Our third ward councillor, Alan Dent, sits (and votes) on the DMC and is “Planning Design and Heritage Member Champion”,    He also chairs the Town Council’s Planning Committee.   He voted to support the application, although the Town Council ‘s decision NOT to was almost unanimous  after receiving 34 letters of objection (and none in favour)  from local residents.   Yet another Conservation Area in Salterton will be damaged:   a precedent has now been set, and two property owners on the hill say they will be applying to build in their gardens as well.

Cllr Mark Williamson praised the Conservation Officer’s Report, even though Mr Guy had taken away
50 years from the age of 29 Victoria Place  – which suggests he is unable to distinguish between the
architecture of an 1851 and an 1890 house.

Some of the community of Victoria Place question Cllr Dent’s service to their part of Budleigh Salterton.  When he sought candidature for the 2011 Local Government Election,  he said  he had so enjoyed retirement in Budleigh Salterton that itwas now “pay back time”  for him to offer his time to serve the community. “


2 Responses to “A Budleigh Salterton resident writes …”

  1. Axevaliant November 14, 2013 at 6:17 pm #

    Sad news from the Budleigh correspondent at the DMC. And really disappointing that their sole voting champion on the day should vote against the local will.

    If it’s any consolation, such arrogant detachment is endemic. Over here in the East our councillor either abstains or hides behind the recommended approval by the planning officer to ignore local opinion.

    May 2015 – it’s sooner than you think.

  2. A Budleigh Resident November 17, 2013 at 10:48 am #

    Unfortunately, this is so, most of the members of the Development Management
    Committee seem to have been selected for their willingness to “follow their Leader”.
    The situation seems to have worsened under the current Chairmanship, with the past
    Chairman supporting all applications (outside his own Ward) — may be in the hope of
    regaining the Chairmanship at the next re-shuffle?
    The DMC’s handling of the application, by Clinton Devon Estates, to replace agricultural land at Liverton by solar panels on 10.6 acres of land farmed by the Ellett family for a century will be the next thing to keep a sharp eye on.

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