What happens when you are “just a dot on a map” to EDDC and developers

15 Nov

A very distressing correspondence just published on the EDDC website detaling interaction with the Planning Inspector in charge of the Local Plan review:



2 Responses to “What happens when you are “just a dot on a map” to EDDC and developers”

  1. Tim November 15, 2013 at 8:01 pm #

    I had assumed, quite incorrectly I now realise, that the owners of the property on the development site had sold out to the Carter family and Eagle.
    As the correspondence makes it quite plain that they haven’t, it is quite astounding that the developers have produced proposals that show no sign of the existing properties on their development. It is as though private individuals rights do not exist.
    See for yourselves at http://www.consultation-online.co.uk/upperlovering/home. You will have to look for the poorly signed link , a blue ‘here’ in the penultimate paragraph which takes you to a PDF document.
    Equally worrying is the way in which the occupants’ MP has responded – by kicking off a buck passing exercise.
    I trust the covenant will not be given up as easily as the sell out by Lord Clinton in respect of the Seafront Covenants

  2. Rob Duncan (power to the people) November 15, 2013 at 8:50 pm #

    No this covenant is worth a lot (a huge amount) of money – so they will not sell easily – not until they have got the best possible price. They need to ensure that they have good advice to extract the most value from their position. Clinton Devon Estates did not I think have any real choice as most of the covenants were unenforceable!

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