Ongoing saga at Seaton (4)….some pipeline pics

17 Nov

hr-bridge31 1. Unlagged pipeline before pumping starts
lagging-1 2. Mid-air lagging
HR-bridge2-7Apr 3. Lagged pipeline after noise

More episodes of the saga no doubt to come…..!


One Response to “Ongoing saga at Seaton (4)….some pipeline pics”

  1. Sandra Semple November 18, 2013 at 5:19 pm #

    And isn’t it interesting that only days after EDDC agrees to cancel ALL affordables on rhe site Bovis lobs in a very detailed planning application


    the DMC’s decision to take a share of any profit from selling the site seems to have disappeared …. rather like the decision of the DMC earlier about working hours whilst infilling the site also disappeared.

    Disclosure: James Semple is my husband and I was the much-troubled town mayor of Seaton during much of this sorry saga. Mostly, EDDC officers and Executive members refused to talk to me about any of this and told me to resign from their (secret) regeneration board because I did not agree with what was going on.

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