Our Police and Crime Commissioner – you judge

21 Nov



Devon and Cornwall’s police commissioner has been accused of implying domestic violence is mainly a women’s issue.  At a conference on domestic abuse in Cornwall on Wednesday, Tony Hogg reportedly said: “At an event like this, it’s bound to be mostly ladies”.


The Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Devon and Cornwall has been criticised for spending nearly £700,000 on consultants and agency staff.  The figure covers the period from November 2012, when Tony Hogg took office, until March 2014.


Turnout in Devon and Cornwall, where 1.3m people were eligible to vote, was 15.1%, according to Cornwall Council.

But speaking after his win, Mr Hogg played down the issue: “We’ve been worried about the turnout but we’ll take that in our stride.  “This is November. It’s the first time we’re doing this brand new way of managing the police in this particular policing area and across the rest of UK. I for one believe entirely in it.”


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