Tory MPs urge Prime Minister to “stick to his green agenda”

26 Nov

Sources told The Times that there had been a meeting   HERE 

where 25 Conservative MPs told the Prime Minister that they have become increasingly frustrated by his hostility towards environmental policies that have been blamed for creating deep investor uncertainty in the low carbon economy.

It is said that the meeting became heated at points, with some traditionally loyal MPs warning Cameron that he risked losing support and splitting the party if he continued to renege on his commitment to the environment that in 2010 was marked by the campaign slogan “vote blue to go green”.

“The real significance was that the ‘other side’, those who are sceptical, have tended to act as a bloc and have been quite rebellious, while those of us who support the green agenda can and have been taken for granted,” one MP who attended the meeting said. “This was the first time we have flexed our muscles and it will have come as a shock.”



One Response to “Tory MPs urge Prime Minister to “stick to his green agenda””

  1. Claire Wright November 26, 2013 at 11:13 am #

    Good news that the “green” tories are now flexing their muscles but why the heck has it taken so long? If they had flexed their muscles sooner, we might have had a better outcome on the NPPF, and a halt or curtailment on the non-stop stream of new measures to even weaken the policies in the NPPF, not to mention all the green targets and the insults hurled by senior tories at people who care about the countryside.

    It is a bit thin to start flexing muscles when the decisions have been taken. Let’s hope they can help to turn things around but I am not holding my breath.

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