What are rank-and-file majority party councillors FOR?

28 Nov

We see from the post below that it is the all-powerful Cabinet of councillors hand-picked by Leader Diviani along with officers that actually controls what happens in EDDC.  In the Development Management Committee, because of the lack of a local plan and a 5/6 year land supply it is now developers who call the shots in the district.

So, how do rank-and-file majority party councillors feel about this?  Well, it seems they are like the 3 wise monkeys:  they hear nothing, they see nothing and they say nothing.  Independent councillors do their best to try to redress the balance but it would take disaffected majority party councillors to effect major change.  Otherwise they are powerless in every sense of the word.

Is there any principled majority party councillor out there who is not amongst the Favoured Few prepared to stand up and be counted?  Don’t all duck at once.


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