Question time for the Leader

29 Nov

And the PM answers questions for 1/2 hour…  This is the way it should be done!


EDDC has a different style of doing things…as confirmed by the  damaging decisions taken at Knowle this week  (see


2 Responses to “Question time for the Leader”

  1. Exmouth Jane November 29, 2013 at 11:15 am #

    You seriously are’t naive enough to think that PMQ’s isn’t done without the questions being submitted in advance are you? How sweet, I bet you still believe in Father Christmas!

    Look at the folder Cameron he has in front of him and then turns to the relevant tabbed page to to give a well rehearsed reply with the only fun being the unscripted follow up question and banter!

    I don’t see any point in someone asking a question and waiting two weeks or more for a reply which is what you get at EDDC and I personally have better ways to waste an evening.

    • sidmouthsid November 29, 2013 at 4:34 pm #

      In fact, the PM’s staff do a lot of guesswork about the questions that might come up. (Milliband would hardly submit in writing to David C!) But you are right to point out the ‘unscripted follow up’ to the answers. It’s precisely that which is denied to the public at EDDC meetings….hence the situation of ‘democratic deficit’ referred to by Paul Diviani. In his New Year 2013 message to the local press, he vowed to put that right. Perhaps he remains loftily unaware of the accumulated anger his dismissive approach to public questions has provoked. The persistent gagging attempts this year to stifle criticism from fellow councillors, must also have escaped his notice.

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