‘Sum thing amiss’ at EDDC

30 Nov
….. was the title given to another letter in  Sidmouth Herald’s  Opinion page yesterday (29 Nov). It’s published here with the author’s  permission:


Oh dear! So it’s not just Save Our Sidmouth who find errors of judgement by the current senior management team at East Devon District Council. Two Inspectors are also among the critics. This summer, the Local Plan had to be returned to EDDC, when the Government Inspector found that no less than 53 changes marked as ‘minor’ were in fact major. And now a second Inspector has expressed little regard for EDDC’s evidence on Knowle public footpaths, when she upheld the Knowle Residents’ appeal (see Sidmouth Herald, 22 Nov).

Taxpayers, of course, pick up the costs of the Council’s errors, without the bill being public knowledge (e.g. The amended Local Plan had to go out for further public consultation; an appeal may be lodged by EDDC about Knowle footpaths; etc.).  

The ambition to move from Knowle may prove the biggest error of judgement yet. Preparation has already cost taxpayers over £500,000, with still no certainty on where to relocate, nor what price the Knowle would fetch in these difficult times.  Taxpayers should look very carefully to see if EDDC’s sums really add up.

Jacqueline Green

*SIN  has commented on Phil Twiss’s  letter from yesterday’s Herald, here:  https://sidmouthindependentnews.wordpress.com/2013/11/29/conservative-councillors-are-free-to-express-their-own-views-says-east-devon-party-whip/


2 Responses to “‘Sum thing amiss’ at EDDC”

  1. Tim November 30, 2013 at 7:01 pm #

    Errors of fact too if memory serves- re the Knowle employment figures, again picked up by a district resident.

  2. Mike Temple December 1, 2013 at 8:41 am #

    And problems adding up the numbers on the Sidmouth march, and “creative accounting” over the floor space of the purpose-built offices and the costs of renovating the space they need at Knowle…

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