To whip or not to whip, and if not why not?

2 Dec

The many comments to the letter from Councillor Twiss in the Sidmouth Herald have given commentators a great deal of food for thought.  Many point out that having given consideration to Councillor Twiss’s assertion that he has never had to use the whip on his Conservative Party colleagues, one must ask:  why not? And the come to the answer:  because every single one of his colleagues believes, thinks and acts in complete synchronicity.

This seems totally unbelievable:  even in the national Conservative Party (and all the other national parties) members disagree, debate, argue and even defy their Lords and Masters.  This is a sign of a healthy party.

It is therefore not a good thing to boast that your councillors are all such well-trained and predictable sheep that they have no need of a sheepdog.

Whipping shows a party in tune with the ever-changing times – challenging, questioning and forward-thinking, alive and lively.

Perhaps Mr Twiss should be apologising for the lack of initiative and questioning in his councillors and it should perhaps be very worrying for him rather than a source of personal pride that they are not showing their mettle.

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