‘No whip required’

6 Dec

Cllr Tony Howard’s letter today in the Sidmouth Herald (‘No whip required’) seems to continue  Cllr Twiss’s  tactics used in the same  Opinion page last week, despite his claim to be “a free-thinking Conservative councillor without the aid of a ‘whip’.

Once again, the individual Independent candidates are lumped together as a target and maligned. He says they “are very shy as to their values and beliefs.”  Anyone  listening  to the recordings of Council meetings, may regard this as a clear misconception, on all counts.

Councillor Howard also paints a picture of the electorate’s  total contentment with Tory candidates.  But have a look at the voting pattern at the last election in and around Cllr Howard’s own Ottery base:

Ottery St Mary (OSM)  Rural
Electorate  3279
Voted          2042 (2 votes each)   Turnout 62.3%
Howard (Con)      822 40%
Randall -J (Con)   797 39%
Wright   (Independent)    1,364  67%

OSM Town
Electorate  3781
Voted  1905  (2 votes each)  Turnout 50.4%
Giles  (Independent)  1546  81%
Cox     (Con) 628   33%
Labour candidate polled   417   22%

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