Who whips the whips?

6 Dec

I presume it is Conservative Central Office.  Methinks a memo has gone round to all local parties:  quick, get some easy good publicity – crack down on the opposition in any way, shape or form you can, get a “heartwarming” resolution on your next agenda and start talking up your achievements.

So, at EDDC they decide to go for the Independent councillors (they can’t of course go for the Lib Dems these days), get a resolution on looking after nuclear test veterans and get a 4 page spread in a local paper about how wonderful Cranbrook is.

Forget the Local Plan fiasco and developer free-for-all, forget the censoring of the investigation into the East Devon Business Forum, forget all those secret meetings, forget concreting over the countryside and offering no support to small and medium size businesses or tourism …

Has it warmed the cockles of your heart and made you think about giving them your vote next time?

PS. see how another council deals with whipping:



One Response to “Who whips the whips?”

  1. Tim December 6, 2013 at 3:44 pm #

    Forget the desperate state of Accident and Emergency departments, the overstretched Ambulance Services, the spread of food kitchens, that the Red Cross has had address poverty in the UK, the rise of loan sharks, the Atos driven suicides etc etc.etc.

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