Local Plan Planning Inspector refuses to allow SOS lawyer to speak on items 1 and 4

9 Dec

SOS says on their website

I confirm that Save Our Sidmouth will wish to speak and participate in sessions

Hearing No 1 (for the opening session)
Hearings 3&4 (Housing and Employment)
Hearing 6 (Nat Env)
Hearing 7 Sidmouth

The Programme Officer, writing for the Planning Inspector has responded HERE


The Inspector has asked me to respond as follows:
Given your assertion that you have attended a number of examinations the Inspector issurprised to learn that you consider that you are entitled (on behalf of Save ourSidmouth) to participate in any session you think fit.
Save our Sidmouth is entitled to be heard only where it seeks to make a change to the Local Plan and only on the matters it wishes to change. These rules apply to all parties. Given that the wider issues raised by Save our Sidmouth all support the objections tospecific matters in Sidmouth, the Inspector considers that the best place to address themwould be in session 7 and does not accept that Save our Sidmouth would be prejudiced by
not participating in other sessions. For example, you will see that the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is addressed in question 2a of session 7 under which item theInspector would naturally expect reference be made to Strategy 46.
Notwithstanding the above, the Inspector has reviewed the representations and considersthat Save our Sidmouth may participate in sessions 3, 6 and 7.


This means that the Inspector has refused to hear the lawyer for SOS speak on item 1:  Procedure and Duty to Co-operate and Item 4: Employment

Well, well, well.


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