Simple questions about planning consents in Sidmouth and parking revenue, but no such thing as a simple answer at EDDC

10 Dec

A local resident asks a simple question:  how many planning consents have been agreed for Sidmouth since the figure of 150 extra homes was agreed in the draft local plan.

Basically, he is told, sift through ALL planning consents at the planning portal and work it out yourself.  We know that EDDC maintains these figures (it would be foolish if it did not and we have seen them published in great detail in the past) but it seems amazingly reluctant to consult the person who holds the information and who could almost certainly give an immediate answer.

And now for another request:  what is parking revenue spent in in East Devon (bearing in mind Mr Pickles has said that it MUST be spent on transport-related things)

Read this exchange of correspondence and see if you can work this one out:

The word you may be looking for is OBFUSCATION: “To make so confused or opaque as to be difficult to perceive or understand

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