Talk to your MP about the Lobbying Bill

11 Dec

This message comes from the national pressure group  ‘Unlock Democracy’ :

‘Yesterday we teamed up with more than 100 organisations for a mass lobby of Parliament to launch the Civil Society Commission’s second report calling for changes to the Lobbying Bill. It was a fantastic day of action! We brought our supporters together to show that objections to the poorly-drafted bill are not going away. 

It was inspiring to see the impact of ordinary people talking to peers and MPs. We know not everyone could make the lobby of Parliament. This is why we are calling on you to make it a week of action. A day of action is not enough – we need more people talking to MPs about the Lobbying Bill.

TAKE ACTION – Talk to your MP about the Lobbying Bill

This is the last week before the bill is back in Parliament, so let’s turn this day of action into a week of action! Ask your MP for a meeting later in the week, or take part by phoning, emailing or tweeting your MP asking them to back the Commission’s report.

The Civil Society Commission’s new report lays out the real and devastating impact the bill in its current form could have. More importantly, the Commission has set out six tests that any new regulation of non-party campaigning should meet. It is essential that we convince the government, MPs and peers to change the bill so that it doesn’t stifle grassroots campaigns. 

We are at a crucial stage of the Lobbying Bill campaign, when we can make all the difference simply by picking up the phone.  You don’t need to be an expert! We’ve got a list of talking points on the bill. All you need to do is click here to take part in the action.  

Best Wishes,

Emily Randall

Senior Campaigner, Unlock Democracy

PS. You can read the Civil Society Commission’s new report here ‘

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