New CPRE branch for Cornwall

16 Dec

….. A new Trelawney’s Army is being recruited to help protect the Cornish landscapes and its buildings, with the re-launch of the county branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE).

The call to action was made by the new chairman, Harold Tinworth, who told a meeting in Truro at the weekend: “We have to endeavour to ensure Trelawney’s Army mobilises to protect our heritage. We need to be a voice for Cornwall – to lead and co-ordinate a defence when we see a situation that needs our attention.”

Mr Tinworth, a former chief executive of a large London borough who now lives in west Cornwall, said there was a very real threat to Cornwall from developers and a loss of protection through the National Policy Framework. He stressed: “As things stand you can almost get planning permission for anything. We literally face having concrete poured more and more on the green of Cornwall – unless we take action.”

He had just been elected chairman at a meeting which reconstituted the county CPRE branch, and he spoke about sending a “positive message” to the people of Cornwall, not a “pull-up-the-drawbridge” approach to all planning applications. But the fact remained that 32,000 housing approvals had been granted for Cornwall, and it was impossible to under-estimate the huge national pressure to build new houses. …..

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