The Independents are coming and winning landslide victories

16 Dec


RESIDENTS in Braunton have elected a new councillor to the parish council.

Independent candidate Trish Parsons was elected in a landslide victory last Thursday, gaining more than 70% of the total vote.

Trish, who has lived in the village for the past 27 years, said she was delighted to have been elected for the vacant Braunton West seat.  She said:  “I am always one of the first to moan about problems in Braunton, so when a position came up on the parish council I looked upon it as an opportunity to be able to speak up and advocate for those with the same concerns as my own,” she said.

“Living in Mill Stile I am more than aware of the flooding problems, last year being the worst in many years. More properties and businesses were flooded in Braunton than the whole of the rest of North Devon.

“Having been elected, I will, along with the rest of the Parish Council be a voice of the community, listening to residents and campaigning their concerns and needs.”

THE COMMUNITY, LISTENING, CAMPAIGNING ON THEIR BEHALF = 70% of the vote ….. now, where have we seen this before?  Oh yes, West Hill, Ottery and Feniton.  No wonder our majority party is getting the jitters and attacking them.


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