Doctors’ surgeries: can you have too many?

17 Dec


What effect will this have on the undertaking for a new surgery in Newton Poppleford?


One Response to “Doctors’ surgeries: can you have too many?”

  1. Emma December 18, 2013 at 5:41 pm #

    Presumably this development comes with the full approval of the clinical commissioning group (Wakley) responsible for this area? Whether or not the proposed Newton Pop surgery is similarly supported remains, as yet, unknown to the general public, who are kept somewhat in the dark about such matters. I wonder if the Sidmouth doctors have considered selling their Sidford surgery – which will be surplus to requirements – to Coleridge, who are so desperate for new facilities that are up to modern standards? Or are Coleridge only interested in the ‘glittering prize’ of a brand new facility?

    It’s a real shame about the pharmacy element of the new surgery, too. Clearly a surgery of this size would make a lot more sense with an integrated pharmacy facility, especially for those patients attending from outside of Sidmouth itself where pharmacy provision is currently limited. Not allowing a pharmacy will result in increased traffic as patients need to travel to have their prescriptions fulfilled, and I’m sure no one would consider that to be ‘sustainable’ development.

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