Two Devon councils try managing without a Chief Executive

22 Dec

Story here.

It makes you wonder what arrangements are being made for when the agreement to share our Chief Executive with South Somerset comes to an end in 2015.   Though it seems EDDC has already made a financial arrangement for a 100% post as this comment from the Audit and Governance Committee meeting of 27 June 2013 states:

Members discussed EDDC’s shared services and shared Chief Executive with South Somerset District Council. The Head of Finance outlined the financial implications of the Chief Executive returning to EDDC fulltime . This had been factored into future spending predictions as a prudent measure.

If we have been managing with o.5 of a Chief Executive this long do we really need a full-time one, bearing in mind also the savings that have been made on his salary to the tune of about £70,000 a year – around £350,000 over the five year period.  A not inconsiderable sum that could pay for a lot of services in the district.  Or according to the story above, do we need one at all?

Still, should he return full time he should be back in full-time post just in time to enjoy a luxury new office!


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