Could it happen (again) here?

1 Jan


Those which clearly had no future, lacking basic infrastructure such as roads, lighting, and schools, were deeemed economically unviable and earmarked for demolition.


One Response to “Could it happen (again) here?”

  1. Tim January 1, 2014 at 4:07 pm #

    Not so far fetched a thought in that some projects that were lined up for building in the district may not now go ahead- saves demolishing them I suppose. More down to a different form of dodgy foundation and incompetence on the part of developers.
    I’m thinking of the problems that sand has caused for certain building projects at Seaton, the dodgy foundations for Mamhead Slipway in Exmouth, and a now few questions are being asked about a certain proposed hotel in Exmouth, which the developers may not have realised will be on reclaimed land.and need additional groundwork (of course they may well have known all along but use it as an excuse to build something else!)

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