One we missed

1 Jan

One Response to “One we missed”

  1. Paul Hayward January 1, 2014 at 7:12 pm #

    so, two years ago, in Jan 2012′ Mr Cohen is on record as saying…

    R151: How are you making savings on property?

    RC: The big plan is relocating the council from our historically interesting but not entirely fit for purpose headquarters to a new purpose built building. That will make immediate savings in terms of energy use and carbon footprint. That’s the big move for the next two to three years.

    So, it was always going to be a new purpose built building? So, Skypark and Clyst House are red herrings? Leaving just Honiton and Cranbrook in the running? And tell me again, why does EDDC need to build another ED business centre, when it has one already in Honiton that seems to do the job just fine at the moment. Is that not fit for purpose either? Or are the ghosts of EDBF haunting those corridors?

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