Dear Mr C: wonderful comment on Feniton fiasco on Express and Echo website

11 Jan

Hello Hello Mr Cameron can you hear me?, can you hear little ol me?, CAN YOU HEAR ME in Downing Street because I am stamping my size 4 pink wellied feet!! I live down ere in Devon you see, the bit of the UK near the end stuck on the side, you may have heard of us on the news recently because again we have had flooding and some severe high tides!! I am blue Mr C , Tory I am, through and through and I am at the moment very very cross with you!, You do have some awesome ideas but I feel you have lost your marbles of late, its quite common with PM’s its when they become so great!! We do need jobs, growth and affordable housing too I agree with your ‘lets build ourselves out of recession philosophy’, however I do not know if its cause Im from Devon and therefore very slow, or maybe its that silly Mr Boles I think its time he had to go!! How can you build in this village silly boys!! All the roads have loads of holes Mr Boles thats because of all the flooding DOH!! How can you build in this village when our school is like our poo pipes choc o bloc, and the local surgery is 3 miles away make sure you know in advance if your going to get poorly because they are overloaded them poor Docs!! Our main hospital is miles and miles away do they know of your plans to build build away?. I may be a devon dumpling and not a second homer or grocle you know but even I know that an Infrastructure is the way to go!! Now flower I am going to give you Mr C a top tip, STOP!! and have a think, before my lovely you and my cherised blues sink…. The buzz word ere is ‘INFRASTRUCTURE’ you (or developers) do it right, put it in and there is no fight, let your legacy be long term sustainable healthy and safe little communities for many years to come, thats it simplicity. Sleep well in Dry Downing Street and Good night xxx

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