Tales from our villages – Talaton

18 Jan

A personal view from a resident of Talaton:


In September 2013, two planning applications to build on a Greenfield site at Weeks Farm, Talaton were rejected by a majority of residents consulted in a ballot by the Parish Council. The Parish Council ignored this result, however, and voted to support both applications. Complaints were made to EDDC who seemed to be responding to local pressure when they passed a resolution to accept an existing application for 6 affordable houses as satisfying the local housing need and not looking for any additional sites. This was voted into the Draft Local Plan at a Special DMC meeting on 17th December 2013.  However, the Parish Council were able to add an additional amendment to the draft repeating claims from their original submission document (which has been challenged as being flawed and is the subject of a complaint) saying they had a mandate from residents to support their decision and making no mention of the more recent ballot.

An assurance from the Monitoring Officer, that there was no need to investigate the old Parish submission on the grounds that ‘the next round of decisions and events has superseded the steps already taken at the Parish level’ is puzzling given that this very document was used in the formulation of the Draft Village Plan and Development Management Committee decision-making the next day!  The EDDC Chief Executive informed us that the Council ‘can accept any submission, however flawed’. Why they would want to do this is less clear.

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