Demolition job

27 Jan

Why has EDDC now been forced to release ‘confidential’  documents on Exmouth seafront covenants? BBC Radio Devon will report on this tomorrow (Tuesday 28 Jan.), in a broadcast  expected to include an interview with East Devon Alliance Secretary, Nicky King, and with East Devon District Council, and  a statement from Clinton Devon Estates.

Here’s SIN’s  brief  summary of the subject:

A former Lord Clinton imposed covenants restricting development on his land along Exmouth seafront, to ensure that it was kept for peaceful enjoyment. The land subsequently passed, with the covenants,  to the Council. A few years ago,  without proper public debate, the covenants were lifted, for the sum of £50,000 from the public purse. Exmouth seafront is to be fully developed.

EDDC’s  spokesperson on Radio Devon tomorrow may give a different perspective.

3 Responses to “Demolition job”

  1. Media Mandy January 27, 2014 at 5:31 pm #

    Eastbourne has a covenant on its seafront – which is possibly why more people like Eastbourne than other nearby towns which have abandoned their seafronts to burger bars and othet fast food outlets which is what will happen in Exmouth.

  2. Tim January 27, 2014 at 9:33 pm #

    I believe this matter serves to raise a number of issues about how EDDC behaves.

    Firstly I believe it is now indisputable that the covenants release was critical to EDDC’s plans to develop on the seafront – yet EDDC have suggested otherwise.

    Secondly, on major decisions, EDDC should have consulted with the public- yet this was slipped through (and none of a number of Tory Exmouth councilors who knew of it raised it until one let it slip years later)

    Thirdly it discloses an all too frequent problem of EDDC failing to answer FOIs on time or fully. (it is the tip of an iceberg- search and EDDC for many more examples)

    Fourthly it serves to show that Cllr Diviani’s promises as to greater transparency, when elected as leader in 2011, were hollow.

    Fifthly, the way EDDC suggested they were volunteering this update on the FOI, of their own volition and without reference to the Information Commissioners involvement, does not suggest they have taken his judgement and advice on board as something to note and act upon (as his letter to them advises)

    I could go on –


  1. EDDC forced to release documents on Exmouth seafront covenants: BBC Radio Devon reports | East Devon Alliance - January 27, 2014

    […] EDA secretary Nicky King has recorded an interview for Radio Devon, to be  broadcast tomorrow (Tuesday 28 Jan).  SIN has more information here: […]

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