Knowle relocation….an informed decision?

30 Jan

At this evening’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee, Sidmouth Cllr Graham Troman (Con) was one of the many who spoke out strongly against accepting the planned Knowle move without full knowledge of the financial calculations. He pointed out that “We need to have the asset values of the Knowle and Manstone (current in-town employment site proposed for change to affordable housing), before I can make an informed decision”.

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One Response to “Knowle relocation….an informed decision?”

  1. Tim January 31, 2014 at 8:35 am #

    One of the many issues related to this matter, and in particular Richard Thurlow’s FOI question, is what of significance is going to happen between now and next week when some information may be released? EDDC cannot lawfully pick and choose when they release information to suit the the politics of those in power, they are bound by a set of rules which has the default position in favour of releasing. They must justify this additional delay. They must also release all documentation which has been sought, not just copies of minutes cobbled together after the event.
    As Heather Brooke says in her book ‘your right to know’, information has a value that is time sensitive. EDDC are too fond of hanging on to information, unlawfully, to suit their timetable.

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