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When is a community sweetener not a community sweetener?

29 Jan

When it is reduced from £625,000 to £20,000

Of course, it wouldn’t happen here, would it?

That Exmouth seafront covenant: a different story.

29 Jan


Premier Inn Exmouth: councillors unhappy

29 Jan

Er, not much you can do councillors.  Of course, it could still have been serving the community as it did for all those years before it was demolished.

Civic regalia – yes or no?

29 Jan

Environment Secretary says he wants to see fracking in rural areas

28 Jan

Gagging law: it’s law – campaigning organisations will now have to shut up for a year before elections

28 Jan

From 38 Degrees, the campaigning organisation:

I wanted to let you know straight away. I’m afraid we lost the gagging law vote in the House of Lords this evening. That’s it – it’s going to become law.

It couldn’t have been closer. On the final vote, 245 Lords voted in favour and 245 against. Unfortunately the rules mean that in the case of a tie, the government gets its way.

Personally I feel pretty devastated about this. I’m worried about what it means for the future of 38 Degrees. More importantly, I’m worried about what it means for the future of democracy, and what it tells us about the state of British politics.

But I also feel proud of everything 38 Degrees members did together to fight this. I hope you do too.

There will be a lot of thinking and discussion to be done in the coming days. 38 Degrees members will need to pull together to think about how to fight this terrible law. And we’ll need to work out how we can keep standing up for all we believe in – despite the restrictions the government is trying to impose.

But right now, I feel sure of one thing. We won’t give up.

Freedom of Information request re. Knowle

27 Jan

The  successful outcome of a FOI request, regarding the Exmouth seafront covenants, with its very practical information from the Information Commissioner, has inspired the sending today of another FOI, as suggested in a recent SIN post  (25 Jan)

Here’s the new FOI:

Cameron to rip up more green regulations

27 Jan

Well, that will suit some of our Tory councillors:

Dartmoor and Exmoor face building threat

27 Jan

Nothing sacred:


Demolition job

27 Jan

Why has EDDC now been forced to release ‘confidential’  documents on Exmouth seafront covenants? BBC Radio Devon will report on this tomorrow (Tuesday 28 Jan.), in a broadcast  expected to include an interview with East Devon Alliance Secretary, Nicky King, and with East Devon District Council, and  a statement from Clinton Devon Estates.

Here’s SIN’s  brief  summary of the subject:

A former Lord Clinton imposed covenants restricting development on his land along Exmouth seafront, to ensure that it was kept for peaceful enjoyment. The land subsequently passed, with the covenants,  to the Council. A few years ago,  without proper public debate, the covenants were lifted, for the sum of £50,000 from the public purse. Exmouth seafront is to be fully developed.

EDDC’s  spokesperson on Radio Devon tomorrow may give a different perspective.