Cabinet and secrecy – next meeting 5 February 2014, 5.30 pm, Knowle

2 Feb

5 February 2014 5.30 pm

Click to access cabinet_agenda_050214_public_version.pdf

As usual, there is as much to be discussed in secret at the next Cabinet meeting on 5 February as there is in public and the reasons given for the secrecy are puzzling.

Thelma Hulbert Gallery, survival strategy.  Reason fo secrecy – options with financial, funding and staffing implications.

Office relocation: reason for secrecy: information relating to the finance or business affairs of any particular person and the report includes commercially sensitive financial information.

Regeneration funding reviews: reason for secrecy: the report includes commercially sensitive financial information that will be subject to tender.

LED Leisure East Devon – to consider the recommendations of the meeting of the joint working group held on 22 January 2014: reason for secrecy:  the report includes recommendations in respect of business investment and how that could be financed/ progressed.

Does anyone detect a theme here?  Could it possibly be budget cuts that will mean that expensive office relocation can be “neutrally funded”.

We may never know.  Unless the Information Commissioner has a view on all this secrecy …..


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