News from East Budleigh

4 Feb

The views below are thosr of the individual concerned:

Are you aware of the EDDC Draft Village Development Plan? It combines all the usual EDDC tricks. Building in the AONB on Grade 1 agricultural land instead of a brownfield site but this also includes a snub to local democracy. (not for the first time as EDDC ignored BS Town Council’s poll on the Longboat)

Each village in the district has been allocated a set minimum number of houses to be built before 2026.

Landowners and developers were asked to put forward land in each village. EDDC planners then did a “Strategic Housing Land Sustainability Appraisal” for each site. Those which were suitable to develop were then open for village consultation.

The inhabitants and Parish Council of East Budleigh followed the correct procedures to register their views on their preference for new housing from the list assessed and approved by EDDC. A brownfield site, an industrial sprawl, on the entry to the village” was favoured by all who attended the parish meeting and 68.5% who completed the questionnaire.”

However, EDDC now claim that this is not a suitable site as it is too far from the village centre (although within the required 600m) and would make East Budleigh a “linear village”, even though this site had initially been approved by them.

They have chosen to put forward another site. This is grade 1 agricultural land, within 50 meters of a Georgian house, across a busy road from the village centre and the school.Building would increase the risk of flooding into the row of cottages at the bottom of the hill where the road has experienced frequent flooding. “This site was not favoured by the members of the public who completed the questionnaires; 29.5% in favour. It was the ‘last resort if we must attitude’. It was felt that if development was here then it would be cut off from the village by the main road which is very busy and difficult to cross. “

The new site is owned by Clinton Devon Estates.


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  1. Paul Hayward February 4, 2014 at 8:54 pm #

    Hello…am busy cleaning at the moment as I just spat hot coffee half way across my kitchen after reading this!

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