Councillors are elected to serve, not to rule

5 Feb

Carmarthenshire Council in Wales is undergoing much upheaval – for a better explanation of this you can go to the following blog

However, it is a comment on this blog that caught my eye:

.. There is quite allot of hypocrisy by councillors who seem to think that they are not responsible for the position the Council finds itself in. Well I have got news for you councillors, all of you, regardless of party or group, you are all responsible. Councillors are elected in to office to serve – they are not elected into power to rule. Councils never gain power; they are burdened with responsibility and duties and therefore how did our councillors allow an unelected Chief Clerk of the Council and other senior officers(who decided to start calling them Chief Executives?) to dictate policy and what should be done. It has been obvious to all of us in Carmarthenshire for many years that our Council was and still is an officer run Council. Our councillors allowed this to take place over many years and very few of them (there are one or two and thank goodness for them) had the principal or gumption to speak out or do something about it. And let’s not forget the Welsh Assembly Government is also responsible as there inaction also left this dictatorship continue unabated. …..


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