An explosive submission to the Local Plan inquiry and Ford’s additional submission on employment land

10 Feb

Gobsmacking stuff – how you get treated when you do not have special access to EDDC’s upper echelons.

Many of the other submissions sent in at this late date are, not surprisingly, from former EDBF members (Mr Eley was NOT an EDBF member).

All submissions can be found HERE

We have not yet had a chance to read all these submissions so if you see anything you think the public should know, let us know.

Oh, and what Fords of Sidmouth have to say about employment land is HERE, including this paragraph:

Our client has received a number of expressions of interest in taking space at the Site. These are from a range of employment uses (in the wider sense, rather than being wholly limited to the more restrictive ‘B-use’ sense) and have included discussions with new, expanding and relocating businesses which would require permission for D class employment uses or sui generis uses such as space required for a new vets practice, child creche facilities and medical services.
which should be read in conjunction with THIS submission showing a different view of the matter.

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