Knowle relocation gamble

12 Feb

The full costs are being revealed, bit by bit. More information released today to Save Our Sidmouth.  See

One Response to “Knowle relocation gamble”

  1. Paul Hayward February 13, 2014 at 8:46 am #

    Hold on, the costs of the consultancy element of the aborted planning application are historic. They were paid from tax payer funds. They are part of the public record. So why are 80% or so of the costs redacted? I am not allowed to know how much Davis Langdon charged, or Bell Cornwell, but I am allowed to know how much Sands Consulting charged? Who is making these judgement calls? If it is officers or members, then STOP right now! It’s MY money and I would like to know where my tax is being spent. If, on the other hand, it is the Consultant who have asked for the redactions, then STOP using them in future, if that is the kind of company they are…

    When will you understand that you represent us, serve us, work FOR us, not against us. We are not children who don’t understand big numbers, or might be confused by the issues, or who may have nightmares when worrying about very important things that don’t concern us.

    Just for once, just once, be open and transparent, and let us know what you are spending in our names. You may think we are not entitled to know ( we are ) or that we don’t care ( we do ) or even that we won’t comprehend the enormity and scale of the project ( we will ) but let us be the judge of that, the electorate, the ones who vote; Not unelected employees of a local authority.

    I know that EDDC councillors of all persuasions read this blog ( to note, to decry, to lambast ) and so I would ask any of them, one of them, to email me – my details are on line – and tell me why I am not allowed to know what was spent in my name, on my HQ, in my DC… In fact, I task you, Cllr Diviani, to tell me face to face on the 26th Feb why I must be kept in the dark on this issue… you were very forthcoming to Matt Woodley, please be as equally forthcoming to me. Thank you.

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