Wierd letter from the EDDC Portfolio Holder, Strategic Development and Partnership – that’s Andrew Moulding to you and me

13 Feb

Andrew Moulding has a letter in today’s Express and Echo.  In it he is supposed to be answering Jessica Bailey’s questions on housing need in East Devon.

The first half of the letter somewhat bizarrely repeats most of a recent EDDC press release about how happy people are at Cranbrook and gives details of where the buyers at Cranbrook have come from.  This has absolutely nothing at all to do with housing need – it is about housing demand, a completely different thing and it does not address affordability or local need at all.

The second half of the letter goes on to say how successful Cranbrook has been and talks about measures that ALL local authorities are taking to improve the quality of housing stock.  Again about housing demand, not housing need and it does not address affordability or local need at all.

A VERY long letter that purports to answer a question that is not answered in any way, shape or form throughout the whole of it.

We all know that people WANT to live in Devon – but how many of them NEED to live in Devon?  And does Mr Moulding understand the difference?


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