EDDC Leader “not fit for purpose”?

15 Feb

SIN hears from reliable sources that Leader, Paul Diviani’s poor performance on Good Morning Devon this week, has alarmed councillors.

Cllr Diviani was clearly rattled by Matt Woodley’s reference to the “relocation fiasco” and floundered badly when trying to justify the Cabinet’s proposal to move to a business park on the edge of Exeter.

He failed to address Cllr Claire Wright’s comments on the same programme that it was a reckless suggestion at a time of austerity that would export East Devon jobs to Exeter and make it more difficult for residents to visit the offices.

“It is a business that we run”, he said and made the promise that if people can’t visit the new HQ “we will visit them” (SIN –How much will that cost?) His only comment on the financial aspect of the move was that “the cost has shifted around a bit”!

He bumbled on, seeming to argue that because he had to travel a long way from his Yarcombe home to Skypark, lesser mortals could be expected to bear some hardship as well.

 Sceptics are beginning to wonder if the choice of Skypark for EDDC’s HQ move is an attempt to bale out one of the leader’s pet projects. The huge new business park  site is  rumoured to be rather short of eager tenants.

It’s not going well for Cllr Diviani’s other pet project either. The Thelma Hubert Gallery in Honiton is haemorrhaging money and seems doomed. It might be next in an increasingly long queue of EDDC assets waiting to be flogged off to pay for the relocation.

All of which seems to be stoking criticism of the undemocratic nature of Cabinet Government in East Devon.  If the council staff were asked to list their preferences about where to move (and then ignored!)  why were councillors never asked the same?

Expect more storms at the Full Council meeting at Knowle, on 26 February.  See you there, perhaps….at 6.30 p.m.


One Response to “EDDC Leader “not fit for purpose”?”

  1. Tim February 15, 2014 at 8:55 am #

    Yesterday, EDDC, through their ExmouthVoice Facebook page, announced that they were now marketing the site in Exmouth that they call The Splash. At present it is something of a disaster zone, sand everywhere and floods. They use a new photo, an attractive one of multiple sailing boats, but in doing so totally obscure the view of the Splash.
    That the present weather has born out local opinion that the Splash plans have failed to take necessary account of the prevailing weather conditions could not have been more clearly demonstrated?
    I have an enduring mental image of Cllr Diviani sitting on his throne here on Exmouth beach trying to hold back the seas. He truly has lost the plot.

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