Parish clerks rule, OK?

17 Feb

Some thoughts, sent in to SIN:

‘Recent posts about the state of Carmarthenshire Council and numerous comments on SIN about councillors being under the impression that they exist to rule, rather than serve, the electorate put me in mind of the following. A Parish Clerk, who is also a longstanding EDDC councillor, recently wrote to one parishioner that “[Parish councillors] are elected to carry out what they consider is best for the Parish.  The fact that the Localism Act came in does not mean that the general public can run the Council from their armchairs.” 
So much for the Nolan principles of public life, but what else can one expect in East Devon?  Once again, the general public is belittled and dismissed as being beneath the mighty councillors and deemed unworthy (or incapable!) of having a say in local matters. Further evidence that this antiquated attitude has filtered down from our illustrious leaders and is rife throughout the council – our independent councillors aside, of course.’

2 Responses to “Parish clerks rule, OK?”

  1. Not A Developer February 17, 2014 at 11:36 am #

    And neither should a parish clerk attempt to run a council from his throne in the council office. He is there to advise and not to dictate. I suggest those in their armchairs are substantially less dangerous than those on their thrones.


  1. Telling remarks from a parish clerk | East Devon Alliance - February 17, 2014

    […] ..who is also an EDDC Councillor. See : […]

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