Watchdog kennelled

17 Feb

This letter from an East Devon Alliance member, was published in Friday’s Sidmouth Herald (14th Feb 2014), under the heading  Lemmings dart past watchdog


Small furry things got a cautionary mention at the recent meeting of  EDDC’s ‘watchdog’ Scrutiny committee.  A Tory member said the Council bosses’ big project to relocate the Council HQ reminded him of rodents rushing towards a financial cliff.

The watchdog did its darndest to head off mass extinction urging the leadership lemmings to slow down, do a few more sums, and have another look at the Knowle buildings.

No chance.  Last year the watchdog got a nasty nip from the Leader when chair Stuart Hughes was sacked for daring to investigate the East Devon Business Forum. This time it was simply told to stay in its kennel.

 As reported last week, ignoring all warnings, Cllr Diviani and his Cabinet announced their burning desire to decamp lock, stock and barrel to an industrial estate on the edge of Exeter airport – which according to conservative (note small ‘c’) estimates could cost £10million plus.

Council taxpayers must be hoping that, before this happens, the aforementioned lemmings might plunge over an electoral precipice!

Tony Green, Sidmouth’


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    […] and from more than one senior Honiton Councillor, at various stages of EDDC’s ill-starred (jinxed?) ‘road to relocation’ project. Remember this SIN post, anyone? […]

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