Longboat Cafe – update

18 Feb
The latest planning appeal has been allowed for the Longboat Cafe, as expected after the recent judicial review.  However, as a correspondent notes, there is an interesting paragraph in the inspector’s report:
para.18 states:

18. I have had regard to all the other matters raised in the representations, including concerns about the danger of storm surge. However, the Environment Agency has accepted that the site is unlikely to be at risk of flooding in view of the relevant levels of the promenade. Natural England has expressed concerns about future coastal protection which might obscure cliffs or limit natural processes, but in the absence of wave action this is unlikely to be required. A gap would be retained between the side of the new building and the shelter such that use of the shelter would not be impaired.

It should be noted that the Environment Agency had been notified in 2009  that damage had occurred 7 times between 1970 & 2000. Natural England was very concerned that a new building would be unsustainable but the Environment Agency did not seem to share their concern.

Our correspondent says that recent storms were not as severe on Budleigh Salterton beach recently because of the wind direction compared to the 70s and goes on to say that, had the beach huts not been allowed to remain (inadvisably by EDDC to gain £20,000 in revenue) the storm would not have got a mention in the Budleigh Salterton Journal. However, pebbles were thrown up just in front of the Longboat site.

Our correspondent thinks it is now open season for developers on the coast within the World Heritage Site and wonders also what the owner’s flooding insurance will be in future years.

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